Top French Actors – Part 2

Marion Cotillard

Born in Paris in 1975 to an actor and playwright Father and drama teaching Mother, its no surprise that Marion chose the career path that she is now known for. Starting with small roles in theatre, she began to break into the industry with her first English speaking role in the TV series highlander based in the same world as the blockbuster film with Frenchman Christopher Lambert in a leading role. This led to a series of features in the 90’s that eventually wound up with her starring in the action comedy Taxi written by Luc Besson. Now recognised by a much wider audience, she began securing roles in bigger and bigger features, recognised by her soft features and trustworthy demeanour. As she continued to develop her show reel and acting abilities in the early 2000’s, her role in Tim Burton’s  star studded fantasy Big Fish helped along the way. The following year she won an award at Cannes and a Cesar for best supporting actress giving her universal renown. As years followed she became a household name as she worked alongside groundbreaking director Christopher Nolan on two occasions. Providing Batman’s love interest gone awry in The Dark Knight Rises and a similar role for the main character in the mind bending psychological masterpiece Inception. On screen her deliveries move from alarming dramatic to warm and loving without question, allowing for complexities that not everyone can undertake. A talented musician, Marion manages to entertain audiences all over the world on and off screen.

Eva Green

Also the daughter of an actress, with a father who dabbled in acting too this second generation entertainer also hails from France’s capital city. Beginning her career cutting her teeth on stage she took her first film role in The Dreamers, despite protests from her family and friends who were wary of the many nude scenes required, some that ended up being cut for American audiences. Though the prudish may have avoided it film lovers still turned up and fans praised her performance. Consequently, this film put her on the map and led filmmaker Ridley Scott to cast her in his historical epic Kingdom of Heaven. Now known by British audiences she increased her popularity with her role in Casino Royale for which she won a BAFTA, which isn’t a regular occurrence for Bond girls. Eva then also took a plunge into some comic book adaptations starring in 300: Rise of an Empire where she played Artemisia and then another sequel courtesy of Frank Miller in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For where she played the seductive and manipulative Ava Lord. This scene again required nudity but in a far more cinematic and artful manner than her debut. With her slender frame and a look of immediate intensity, its easy to see why directors look to cast her. With the ability to instantly become the femme fatale, she can slip into such roles without having to move a muscle, yet her performances can often take interesting turns as her innocent charm can catch characters and audiences off guard.


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