Theatre in France for the Non-French Speakers

The Theatres in France are one of their cultural highlights. The most overlooked and the best entertainment sources for tourists and expats is the theatre scene booming in the city. The locals flock to these venues; expats and tourists avoid the theatre as they lack understanding and knowledge of the French language. However, even if you do not know to converse in French, watching a play in Paris is possible. There are many venues offering performances in foreign languages and is accessible to other language speaking audiences. There are plays conducted with subtitles enabling even the foreign tourists to visit the theatre as local Parisians. This sort of breakthrough in the theatres in France, offering the non-French speakers an option of enjoying a performance in a Parisian theatre, is possible with the availability of two choices.  Every tourist is provided, with an opportunity to watch a play with English subtitles or opt for performance in English, as well.

Carl de Poncins Views

Carl de Poncins quit his job as the marketing director of a multinational company so that he could concentrate on making theatres in France accessible for English speakers. He did this by introducing subtitles. De Poncins also said tourists get bored in Paris during the evenings. Thus, he worked continuously to tear down the language and cultural barriers in an attempt to get into theatres. The best seats are reserved for clients to ensure that the subtitles displayed can be easily seen and read by them. The Theatre also provided a special welcome to the English visitors that was personalized and involved guiding them to their reserved seats and presenting them with an introduction concerning the programme.

Subtitled Plays

Theatres are one of the highlights of France, and famous venues are screening great programs; to miss out on this kind of an opportunity because you do not understand the language will be nothing less of a pity. Fortunately, this language barrier is no more an issue. Many Parisian theatres namely, Théâtre Edouard VII, Théâtre du Ranelagh, Théâtre Edgar, Le Comedia, Salle Gaveau, etc. now provides its non-French speaking visitors with an opportunity to watch plays with English subtitles. Tourists will never have to return disappointed as there is something, such as contemporary comedies, classic plays or musicals, in the theatre, for everyone to be entertained.

Foreign languages

Several Parisian theatres are inviting the non-French speaking crowd these days, thanks to the growing popularity of inclusive programs. Various theatres are doing this in foreign languages such as Russian, Vietnamese, English, etc. These movies are subtitled in French, while the performances are in English and other languages. The Théâtre Édouard VII Program was mainly devoted for modern French comedies, and the Théâtre Le Ranelagh, which was once popular for its program of classic plays for young and old, now offer performances with English subtitles. In fact, a national theatre, La Colline and the Théâtre de l’oeuvre also show a few plays in foreign languages.

English Comedies

Shows of Olivier Giraud’s like ‘How to become Parisian in one hour’ and ‘Oh my God she’s Parisian’ of Julie Collas’ are famous and can be thoroughly enjoyed by a non-French speaker. Both the shows are in English and are accessible to everyone. These are comedies, making fun of the Parisians, their styles or habits in a subtle way such that no sentiments are hurt.