Secret Theatres in Paris

The theatre culture of Paris is booming, yet much of it is kept under wraps. For a city that has brought theatrical culture to the world, there is little fuss made about the theatre shows and its prevalence in the city. The trick to finding something unique in the city […]

Who Was Eugene Ionesco

The Birth Eugene Ionesco was born in 1912. His mother was French and his father a Romanian. His childhood was spent in France.  As a young boy, Eugene Ionesco is told to have experienced spiritual-like illumination suddenly. He felt great peace from within and had floating sensations of being levitated […]

Theatre in France for the Non-French Speakers

The Theatres in France are one of their cultural highlights. The most overlooked and the best entertainment sources for tourists and expats is the theatre scene booming in the city. The locals flock to these venues; expats and tourists avoid the theatre as they lack understanding and knowledge of the […]

The Theatre de la Hauchette of Paris

As a Parisian institution, the Theatre de la Huchette was born in the post-war period in wild euphoria. Founded by Nicolas Batailee, Jacques Legre, Marcel Cuvelier, and Georges Vitaly, the theatre was across the river from Notre Dame, behind a side street.  It was opened during the German occupation, and […]

The Decline of Women in French Theatre

The theater emerged in Greece over two millennia ago. The Goddesses and heroines were the Greek society pinnacles, and they were the drama production stars. Despite this fact, the woman’s role in the Greek Theater was non-existent. Women were prohibited from being onstage, and it was regarded as dangerous to […]

Deconstructing Le Lecon by Eugene Ionesco

Eugene Ionesco born in 1912 in Romania, lived in France from 1911 to 1922. Eugene was of Romanian origin and was a well-known leader of forward-thinking drama in France. His plays are considered to be one of the most enthralling masterpieces to have gripped the French stage. Picking Apart the […]