Moulin Rouge

Staying at the top of the rankings of shows to see in France, as it has for years, the world-renowned stage show Moulin Rouge continues to please audiences even today. No doubt the catalyst in bringing Parisian cabaret to the front and center of popularity, this show, its cast and location all made for an entertainment concoction that people did not want to miss. Less seasoned fans may well not be in touch with the actual place thanks to one of its many adaptations.

The show that has become a classic of its own in France received a boost of popularity thanks to the 2001 film which brought well known Hollywood faces to cinematic adaptation. With a set and the direction under the very capable hands of Baz Luhrmann, the glamour of the show was thrust upon the big screen as Aussie Nicole Kidman and Irishman Ewan McGregor took to the lead roles.

As the film wowed audiences with its sets and performances radio listeners were also given a glimpse into the world of Moulin Rouge thanks to the cover of Lady Marmalade that stuck to its number one chart position for over a month. The song that appears as part of the medley in the film was covered by a super group of pop icons namely Christina Aguilera, Mya, P!nk and Lil’ Kim and was produced by hip hop star Missy Elliot. The music video again brought the look of the show to more audiences as the cabaret style set and costumes included props and outfits that were featured in the film.

Regardless of its upscale remake, the show has brought audiences in from around the world since the early 1900’s. Its iconic location (The red mill which its takes its name from) is a landmark of its own. The interior of the auditorium remains themed to fit the show affording those who visit an immersive experience, one that other more modern venues that rotate a host of shows lack. The show continues to be known for its elaborate costume that incorporates elegant materials into seductive designs. It is also renowned for the dances involved, the most memorable energetic of which is a group dance which later evolved into the popular can-can. Audiences today can pick from a selection of shows including a late night one that provides champagne. This tradition has been going on for many a year and is likely one of the reasons that the show became so popular. The venue held champagne evenings regularly and audiences sufficiently loosened up would be more entranced by the titillating dancers and the acts that were provided, with nights culminating in the whole room dancing collectively. Much of Paris’ reputation of being a city of delight and decadence relies heavily on the fame of the Moulin Rouge, so much so that other countries tried to bring in crowds with imitation versions of the building. But for the real and authentically French experience, there is no place better to get a taste of classical cabaret than the true location in Paris itself.

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