How France Has Influenced the World of Acting

French culture has always been a very free but very exquisite one. From big names like Coco Chanel to Hugo, France gave us some of the best artists in history. The world of acting was also influenced by the waves coming from France. The artist flair that just flows in France made its way to the rest of the world and also influenced how they performed and acted. There are many key elements that have contributed to how France influence the world of acting, let’s look at a few of them.

Embracing New Art Forms

France was the country where the Enlightenment culture movement was born. This was equivalent to the Renaissance. The whole art world was now freer and the artists could truly show their creativity and imagination. One of the first art form that embraced this new movement was the theater. France was already famous for the most skilled actors in the world. It was also one of the first countries that made theater a very cheap and accessible entertainment method. Every man and woman in France could go and relax at a play while in the other countries this was reserved only for the richest they embraced this art form for all people.

Historical Influence

France was also an inspiration for many movies that were very popular like Marie Antoinette. The story is based on the life of the last true queen of France and her excessive lifestyle. Besides this, the landscapes and the chic style inspired many other movies. During the age of the silent movie France was the big influencer. All the famous movies at that time were produced here and the makeup and the fashion that appeared in them was soon an inspiration source for all the other countries. The romance and gestures used by the French actors were another great example of acting masterpieces that others then mimicked.

Great Actors and Rewards

France is known for having the female actors as super stars. This also happened long before any other country. While in England you were considered the equivalent of a prostitute if you were an actress, in the 19th century France you would be considered a super star.

The country also launched the trend of giving prized for the best movies. Cannes film festival is considered the best movie event in the world. Many European actors consider this even more relevant for their career than the Oscars. This is because the festival gives prizes fr movies from all over the world and likes cultural diversity. Therefore the French movies like to take elements from the everyday life and then transform them in a masterpiece. This is another way in which France influenced acting. The natural glow of all the scenes and the raw stories make the acting much more realistic and everyone can relate to the scenes presented in a French movie. This is the beauty of the French movie industry: the reality and the natural flow.

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