French Music and Composers Used in Plays

French music has often been associated with the theater and stage productions. Many important composers hailed from France and have contributed greatly to the world of music. For instance, Darius Milhaud, whose creations was heavily influenced by music from Brazil and by jazz. Milhaud was very prolific and actually composed over 400 pieces of music in his lifetime. Some of these compositions were for music that was used in stage productions, such as ballets and plays. For example, he wrote the music for the play “Le Voyageur sans bagage”, known in English as “The Traveller Without Luggage”. This play was written in 1937 and is about a soldier from World War I who suffers from amnesia. It is still in production in some theaters.

Well Known Composers

Francis Poulenc was a French composer who was one of the most important during the time after World War I. He, along with Milhaud and four others, known as “Les Six”, wrote music that was very lyrical and emotional. Francis Poulenc was also an accomplished piano player and composer. His music was very important and often used in live performances.

Georges Auric was also well-known writing compositions for numerous stage performances. Auric was an accomplished musician along with being a great and talented composer. He started playing the piano when he was a young boy. In his early years he wrote music and scores for ballets and dramas at the theatre. In his later years he also started writing music for the movie industry.

Oscar-Arthur Honegger was born in France to parents who were actually Swiss. He studied music both in Switzerland and in France, and went on to compose music for many plays, including ballets. His first composition was actually for a ballet. One of his most famous and greatest compositions was for the stage production of “Jeanne d’Arc au Bûcher” in 1935. He was a productive composer who made musical pieces for operas, operettas, ballets and stage productions.

Modern Day Composer

An important modern-day French music composer is Alex Beaupain. He has composed music for several musical shows and has written soundtracks for movies as well. He wrote music for well-known movies such as “Love Songs” and many others.

Influential Music

Plays can influence musical composers as well. For instance, the French composer Jean-Phillipe Rameau was influenced by the play “Phèdre”. Ramaeu used this as inspiration for music for “Hippolyte et Aricie” which was an opera. He actually wrote musical compositions for several productions and operas during the 18th century in France. He was a controversial figure who was known to be quite difficult to work with. Nevertheless ,he had a wide-reaching influence and his material was used in many stage performances during the 18th century.

French composers have had a significant impact on stage productions. Their music has certainly played a big role in the success of numerous productions, whether they are ballets, operas or plays. In later years, some of these composers also wrote scores for movies.

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