Free Theater Events in France

France is so well known for is beauty and culture. This is the go-to place when it comes to honeymoons or romantic trips. But besides this, France is also known as being one of the main trend-setters when it comes to theater and arts. There are countless theaters all over France, but the main hub is Paris, of course. Some theater events are unique in the world and they like to keep their quality standards very high. Finding a good show is very easy because there are countless happening in the same time. But if you are traveling on a budget you might encounter some difficulties when searching for a free event in France. We have listed some of the best theater events in France that are for free in order to make your cultural experience here even better.

Festival des Canotiers

This is a multidisciplinary festival that takes place every summer in Paris. There is no entrance fee, so you can enjoy the whole cultural experience without worrying for your money. The festival is very popular among the locals and the main advantage is that it has more than theater. It is a very good opportunity to emerge yourself in the whole French art to better understand this amazing country. You will have everything from theater to photography and dance. It is also suitable for a family vacation. You are guaranteed to have fun here and to get a taste of the French art.

Street Theater Festival

Another great event that takes place every summer in Aurillac. This is in the eastern part of France. This event is well-known here for promoting indie theater groups and likes to have new shows every year. It is the perfect way to see the development of the French theater. There are also many improvisations shows that will bring you some of the most skilled actors. The festival takes place, like he names says, on the streets. There are no fancy costumes or stages. It is all about the emotion and the talent of the actors. It is an event worth going to if you like the pure, raw theater and new pieces.

The National Day of France

This is another great opportunity to find amazing events that are for free. Being a country that is very proud of the art here, it organizes dedicated events all over the country during the national day. Paris is the best place to go if you want to see the extravagance and beauty of this day. There are stages all around the city where the best artists perform. The parks transform in concert and theater halls. This is one of the best times to truly taste the French art. Another good way to see free theater is to go to the art school’s events, mainly in Paris. This way you will be able to see the new talents testing their skills.

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