Charles Garnier’s Brilliance Built into The Parisian Theatre Marigny

The Parisian Theatre of Marigny is in Paris, near the Champs –Elysees junction. It was built originally by the architect Charles Garnier’s designs to display a panorama that opened in 1883. In 1894, the panorama was transformed into Theater Marigny by another architect, Edouard Niermans and it became a house for operetta and music theatre. The Theatre has been functioning for over 160 years. People from all around the world come here to enjoy numerous concerts and shows with some of the country’s top performers.

Starting of The Theatre

It all began in 1835 when a illusionist and wizard were allowed to perform in Paris at Square Marigny. Later in 1848, proceeding the French Revolution, a tiny room was built known as Salle Lacaze, and this was the place the exciting performances were performed for the curious viewers.

Square Marigny

Under Jacques Offenbach’s direction, in 1855 a theater was constructed in the same place for Universal Exhibition, and the doors were opened in July 1855. After a couple of years, management changed, and it became to be branded as Folies-Marigny. In 1881, the theater was demolished to construct a better auditorium to be built in Paris.

Progress of Theatre Marigny

The new theater architect was Charles Garnier, and it was named Palais Garnier. This was built for Opera in the city of Paris. It is circular, featuring an impressive interior that also represents its elegance. The Theatre Marigny opened for business in 1885 near the Champs –Elysees junction at the same location as it stands today. It gained popularity between 1910 with the Abel Deval leadership, and then, Leon Volterra got the leadership in the 1920s and had the place modernized. The Marigny, post-WWII, became a site of respect and it showcased many successful performances. It upgraded to consist of a small additional room by the name of Petit Marigny in the 1950s.  Again, the years that followed saw management changes, and Jean Bodson made notable renovations in the 70s, and the additional space was upgraded into a little theatre. However, TV shows called ‘Tonight at the Theatre,’ was hosted from the 1960s at the venue right to the 80s.

Theatre Marigny Stage

The ‘Bar du Theatre Marigny’ opens 45 minutes before the performance begins, and here you can buy a snack, aperitif, club sandwich or a soft drink before enjoying the evening.  This theater also offers a peaceful environment with its greenery. The whole experience is one which acts as a perfect getaway for the evening for both singles and couples.

Today’s Theatre Marigny

The theatre today has two theatres, one known as the Marigny featuring a massive capacity of about 1000 people and the smaller one is known as the Popesco. It was earlier known as the Gabriel. Now Popesco has the capacity of accommodating over 300 attendants. The smaller of the auditoriums is used for solo artists, and it has a less formal ambiance than the former. However, there are several renowned names like Jean Michel Jarre who have performed here.

Jean Michel Jarre

The Theatre Marigny offers special concessions for people below 26 years arriving on a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Thursday 30 minutes before the performance starts. The patrons should produce ID proof confirming their age to get a ticket for a concessional price.