History of French Theater

History of French Theater

France and theater are inseparable concepts. Theatrical performances and operas produced by French directors have been known around the world for many centuries. The Paris Opera House is one of the most famous in Europe, and countless theaters constantly attract thousands of spectators. But where did it all start? How […]

The Life and Literature of French Theater

The nuance surrounding theatrical performances is filled with creative indulgence. Artists, writers and performers hold a penchant for the flair of France. Stepping into the French scene denotes an eloquence that seems to float in the air. For centuries, the country of fine arts has crafted a realm of possibilities […]

The Beauty of Tuscany

Tuscany is centered with charming and charismatic traditions. Old world cultures remain nestled in this stoic region of Southern Italy. Sophisticated with culture and historic values, Tuscany offers an enriching experience for travelers. Quaint villages, enlightening cities and nostalgic country sides are the heart of Tuscany. The area is renowned […]

A Lavish View of the Famous Opera de Paris

The Theaters of France hold an air of exquisite elegance that is mystifyingly luxurious. Historically enchanting stages are surrounded with impeccable details. In earlier centuries, status was derived as a birthright, honored by ones means and displayed with the highest of quality.

Impressive Performance Venues in France

The design of a performance venue, whether it be an opera house, theatre or cinema, is traditionally an opportunity for the architects to make a significant impact on both the local area and the world. Sydney is now famous world-over for the striking design of its Opera House, and you […]

What Antonin Artaud Gave The French Theatre

Antonin Artaud, better known as Antoine Joseph Artaud, was born on the 4th of September in 1896, in Marseille, France. He was a dramatist, actor, poet, and a theoretician of the Surrealist movement. He desired to change the classical ‘bourgeois’ theatre to his own creation of the theatre of cruelty. […]

Top Theatre Festivals for Play Enthusiasts in France

France is not only known and popular for its food, fashion, and cultural offerings. Fans of theatre, plays, and other dramatic arts will be pleased to know that several theatre festivals are worth attending and participating in while visiting France. These festivals are held annually in the various cities across […]