Michel Gondry – French Visionary – Part 1

Born in Versailles, Michel Gondry was captivated by film as a young boy, crediting much of his inspirations to Le voyage en ballon. His grandfather Constant Martin was an inventor and created the Clavioline which was an electronic keyboard instrument that became the precursor to the synthesiser. With this level […]

Top French Actors – Part 2

Marion Cotillard Born in Paris in 1975 to an actor and playwright Father and drama teaching Mother, its no surprise that Marion chose the career path that she is now known for. Starting with small roles in theatre, she began to break into the industry with her first English speaking […]

Top French Actors – Part 1

Sixty-Nine-year-old Gérard Depardieu is likely the most common French face seen on the big screen, mainly due to his long and fruitful career. With over one hundred and seventy films under his belt as an actor this powerhouse of film has graced screens generation after generation in his forty-year career […]

What to Watch in Paris

Notre Dame de Paris Responsible for returning the fashion of theatre to France in the late 90’s, this adaptaion of the Victor Hugo novel is more popularly known by the name The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The play is sufficiently darker than the Walt Disney adaptation but still bears the […]

Moulin Rouge

Staying at the top of the rankings of shows to see in France, as it has for years, the world-renowned stage show Moulin Rouge continues to please audiences even today. No doubt the catalyst in bringing Parisian cabaret to the front and center of popularity, this show, its cast and […]

French Stage Actors Who Turned to Film

As with many stars of the silver screen much of the acting talent that has emerged over the years from France got its start in the theater. It is not uncommon to see successful stage actors, musicians or dancers progress and diversify into film and many French artists have experienced […]

French Music and Composers Used in Plays

French music has often been associated with the theater and stage productions. Many important composers hailed from France and have contributed greatly to the world of music. For instance, Darius Milhaud, whose creations was heavily influenced by music from Brazil and by jazz. Milhaud was very prolific and actually composed […]